Superstar Certificates


During our Friday Celebration Assembly we award our own certificate to recognise pupils who have tried hard or are ‘hidden heroes’ in our school.  


We discuss our nominees together and, each week, each head ambassador takes it in turn to select a pupil of their choice.  Sometimes, we talk to members of staff to get their views before we make our final selection.  We really enjoy having this responsibility as it is nice to be able to celebrate children’s success with them.

Jen, Nathan, Ruby and Harry


Helping Hands

Together, with Mrs Manders, we came up with an idea for helping pupils in our school when they are finding school more challenging.  We painted our hands and then used the hand prints to write ideas for calming down on each finger.  


The hand prints are used around the school to help pupils when they need it.

Incredible Interviews

When we interview for new members of staff, our Head Ambassadors help in many ways, including providing informative tours of the school.  


Recently, our School Business Manager, Mr Cole, was appointed following interviews.  He said, “The best way to learn about a school is from its pupils.  It was a pleasure to be led on a tour of the building by the Head Ambassadors who each were courteous, knowledgeable and passionate about the school.  I asked myself, would I want to work in a school with pupils as delightful as this and the answer was a resounding yes!”

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