We have recently recruited Junior Ambassadors for this academic year.  The children had to apply by filling in application forms.  See below for some of the roles our Junior Ambassadors hold.

Head Ambassadors

In July, we held an election to vote for our new Head Boy and Girl and their deputies.  All candidates had to, with support from their peers, design a logo and campaign manifesto and deliver an election speech in a whole school assembly.  All children came to the Dining Hall to cast their vote.


Our Head Boy, Nathan, Head Girl, Jen, Deputy Head Boy, Harry and Deputy Head Girl, Ruby, ready for action in their uniforms, complete with Head Junior Ambassador ties!

Together they form our Head Junior Ambassadors and hold a number of responsibilities, from conducting tours of the school to making speeches.  The Head Ambassadors regularly meet with Mrs Thorne to discuss how their roles are going and ideas for school improvement.

Click here for more information about what our Junior Head Ambassadors have been up to.

Learning Council

Led by Mr Herrington, our Learning Council meet regularly to discuss issues and ideas suggested by the children at Beccles Primary Academy.

Some of the events held have included –

  • Selling toffee apples at the Halloween Disco to raise money for outdoor equipment
  • In December we held a Bake Off with over 90 entries.  Money raised from the sale of the cakes went to help Tommie at Sir Martin Frobisher Academy.
  • In July we held our annual Kidz Got Talent show.





Junior Road Safety Officers

Our Junior Road Safety Officers, supported by Mr Crawford, promote Road Safety throughout the school.  They have been really busy this year!  Here are some of the things they have organised to help make our community safer:

  • Our local Road Safety Officer, Ann Battershill, has been in to our school delivering road safety messages.
  • Our local PCSO, Deborah Green, has been in school to deliver a road safety message.
  • PCSO Deborah Green also spent time with our JRSOs monitoring the traffic outside our school.
  • We have held a brightness assembly, in which the children were asked to come to school in their brightest clothing and the children were shown several items of clothing that were fluorescent and reflective, as well as devices that they could use when it is dark. 
  • The JRSOs have spent time in Nursery playing with our youngest. They took turns being a lollipop person and stopping traffic so their peers could cross the road. The Nursery children were also the traffic, taking it in turns to be various road vehicles, which they enjoyed. The safety message being delivered was to always cross the road with parents, responsible adults and use the zebra crossing or other crossings if available. They were also issued with a young persons green cross code.
  • The JRSOs are going to re-paint the yellow footprints leading into school, across the zebra crossing and down the path.



Our Junior Road Safety Officers, after receiving a Gold Award for their achievements last summer!





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