Topaz’s Surprise Box!

Topaz class had a surprise box turn up in the classroom on Monday and we discussed what might be inside. The box was labelled as FRAGILE. When we opened it up there was a dinosaur egg inside! Today we debated whether or not we should keep it in school and here are some of our […]

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Music at Crowfoot

The Spring term has been a very industrious and creative time in the Music lessons across the school. Year 1 have been singing, learning new songs and polishing their favourites. They have been learning to play from ear, the first seven notes of Mary Had A Little Lamb on the glockenspiels. They have been exploring […]

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Key Stage 1 Pirates

KS1 have been thinking about pirates this half term. We have learnt who pirates were, what their lives were like on board ships and about some famous pirates. We went on a very exciting trip to the Time and Tide museum in Great Yarmouth, where we got to meet a pirate and a naval officer […]

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