The Blue Mile

This year we will be promoting healthier eating and physical activity to our children. I have created our very own Blue Mile, only available to Beccles Primary Academy children! On the playground we now have a blue line painted around it. Children will be given the opportunity during break times to complete the circuit as […]

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Parachute jump in aid of our playground! #intrepid #brave #inspiration #leadership #fundraising

At Beccles Primary Academy we are always looking at ways to enhance the facilities and learning opportunities for our children. With this in mind, five brave volunteers and one slightly reluctant Head teacher have decided to leap (or be pushed) out of a plane. We have taken this decision in the hope of raising money […]

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Online Safety day 22.06.16 #learning #responsibility #integrity #enjoyment

Today we have learnt about how to keep ourselves safe online.  From learning to be ‘Share Aware’ to how to report a problem we have online, we have explored a range of issues regarding internet safety. This afternoon parents and carers joined us for an introductory online safety awareness workshop.  We briefly looked at a […]

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