An Early Years plea for a variety of things…including a kitchen sink! #reuserecycle #learning #enjoyment #outdoors

We are currently re-vamping out outside areas in nursery and reception and we need your help!  We want to recycle and re-use pre-loved items as much as possible and are therefore looking for donations of the following:

  • plastic fish/insect tanks with lids

  • log slices (approximately 30cm/12″ in diameter and about 3cm/1″ thick)

  • cable drums

  • big sheets of thick clear plastic sheeting

  • big sheets of clear perspex

  • a kitchen sink! (Stainless steel type for use in our mud kitchen!)

  • old saucepans

  • bags of compost

  • parasols/umbrellas for the summer

If you have any of these items gathering dust and you would like to donate these to our Early Years department for recycling, please contact Mrs Cracknell (

Many thanks!

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