REAch2 East Anglian Dance & Gymnastics Festival 2016

On Wednesday 23rd November 2016, nine of our UKS2 children made their way to Camulos Academy early in the morning to represent our school in the first REAch2 East Anglian Dance & Gymnastics Festival.

We participated in 2 dances, one Hip Hop/Street and one Contemporary.


All twelve REAch2 East Anglian academies participated in the event, which allowed us to meet new friends and other children/staff within our region.


The day was amazing, enjoyed by all REAch2 members, headteachers, staff and children! Lisa-Marie Smith of Unity Primary (Dance Specialist) even said the Jennifer and Esme’s contemporary piece would have scored them a high GCSE for dance!


Well done to our amazing children for this, you made us so proud!

Check out the videos in the links below!


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