Year 5 and 6 and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra #concert #inspiration #enjoyment

On Friday 16th September , a number of Year 6 and Year 5 were invited to a special event hosted by the Marina Theatre, Lowestoft.  Our children were there to watch a rehearsal by the Royal Philharmonic  Orchestra. The RPO encourage  open rehearsals to be attended by school children to reach out to a new audience.

Only two of our children on the trip had seen or heard a live orchestra, so anticipation was high.  The RPO went through the repertoire that was to be performed the same evening. The conductor involved the children, pointing out the instruments that would be featuring in the piece. Ryan in Year 6 had never seen or heard  a ‘contra bassoon’ and marvelled at the size of the wind instrument. Scott, Lola, Nathan and Oliver enjoyed seeing and hearing the violins. When the violins all played together, they produced a hypnotic tone. Grace and and Faye were excited to see and hear the harp, wondering how the harpist would be able to play such a wide instrument. One of our parent helper, Mrs Randlesome enjoyed hearing the music used on Sleeping Beauty – Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite. Mrs Cookson was enthralled to see how the musicians worked as a team.  Mrs Ruddock was very excited to be in a room with such a prestigious orchestra but she enjoyed watching the children gripped by the workings of a professional group of musicians and the joyous music that they produced!

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