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Last week we held 4 days worth of Sports Days for the children in our school and what a week of Sport it was!

Nursery & Reception participated in various different sporting challenges with their family members as well as competing in some competitive but fun races against their class friends!



Years 1,2,3 and 4 worked in small groups to complete many different activities on their sports day mornings. For the afternoon children had selected 2 races that they wished to participate in, which they did an amazing job with the family members cheering them on!



Year 5 and 6 competed in a competitive Olympic styled sports day, participating in 4 different field events in the morning. Once the field events were complete it was time for the UKS2 Class Champions Cup, which involved a Tug of War and Relay team from each class, with Mrs Chenery’s class coming in first place by 2 points! In the afternoon UKS2 worked with LKS2 to compete in the 2 races that they had chosen prior to sports day.



This year saw the introduction of our House Groups, Blyburgate (Blue), Northgate (Red), Saltgate (Yellow) and Hungate (Green).

The children would compete in a race that they had selected, with 1st place scoring 10 points, 2nd receiving 8, 3rd place 5 and 4th place 3 points. KS1 scores were added to KS2 scored which were then totalled up to identify a winning house.

The winners of the first Beccles Primary Academy House Sports Days were… Blyburgate!

I would like to thank all the staff, children and parents for their support during Sports Days, it was amazing to see so many family members come and support our children, as well as our staff working together to provide a wide range of sporting activities.

Make sure you check out the photos and videos that are attached to this blog! (And a few others, as there are so many!)

If you have any feedback regarding Sports Days, please email me at: so we can make next year even better!

Mr Garrood

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