Online Safety day 22.06.16 #learning #responsibility #integrity #enjoyment


Today we have learnt about how to keep ourselves safe online.  From learning to be ‘Share Aware’ to how to report a problem we have online, we have explored a range of issues regarding internet safety.

This afternoon parents and carers joined us for an introductory online safety awareness workshop.  We briefly looked at a range of issues, learnt about online specific things such as hashtags and shared further information about how to keep our children safe online.  (Some parents wanted to know more – Mrs Cracknell is looking at running further and more detailed workshops in the future.)  We also requested that parents go online to complete a Parent View questionnaire, giving their views ahead of our Moderated Trust Inspection next week – click here to access Parent View.

Parents then joined their children in class, where a range of activities were taking place.  Many classes were creating their ‘share a heart’, with their own pledges about how they will keep themselves safe online, some were taking part in quizzes and children in a Year 6 class were writing their own internet safety stories, based on ‘Chicken Clicking’, a book by Jeanne Willis.

It was a useful and informative day for all, highlighting important issues and sharing good ideas.  Many thanks to all who took part!  From the ideas, issues and resources used we will be putting together an Online Safety page on our website – watch this space!



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