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On Monday, Reception were lucky enough to have a visit from Tesco who brought some very promising looking boxes with them. This captured our attention automatically!

We got hands on with an activity called ‘Taste the Rainbow’ where we had the opportunity to look, touch, smell and taste a fruit from each colour. These included, watermelon, physalis, lemon, sugar snap peas, blueberries, beetroot crisps and coconut. We were all very brave and tried as many of the different fruits as we could. Some of us even went back for seconds! It was a great opportunity to try some fruits we had never tasted before and some we had never even heard of.
Our favourite part of the experience was tasting the lemon. We found it very funny looking at each others lemon faces as they tasted its sour taste. We even persuaded Mrs Cracknell and Mrs Thorne to show us their lemon faces on the strict instruction that no photos were taken!
Overall, it was a fantastic afternoon and we would like to say a big thank-you to Tesco for opening our eyes to a rainbow of fruits.

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