Celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday 21/04/16

It was an honour to be a part of such a huge celebration in the garden of the Beccles and District Museum. We heard the bells ‘ring down’ whilst the Bagpiper played in the Mayor Hugh Taylor, who welcomed us and lead the ceremony.
The Beccles Townlands Charity Collector planted the weeping cherry tree whilst the Mayor unveiled the commemorative plaque in honour of the Queen.
Youth Champion Counsellor Kenward spoke about the importance of why we should celebrate such an amazing reign that the Queen has had for almost 64 years – making her the longest reigning Monarch. We also had the pleasure of seeing Beccles Free School students and Youth Champion Counsellor Brambley-Crawshaw unveil the bench, that has been placed in the garden which overlooks the Waveney Valley, commemorating the centenary of the First World War.
Reverend Henderson lead us in a remembrance and thanksgiving prayer before we enjoyed singing ‘Happy Birthday’ whilst the Bagpiper played along and then we sang the National Anthem to!
After our group photograph by the weeping cherry tree and commemorative plaque, we were served lots of tasty biscuits, cakes and sandwiches by students from Beccles Free School, which were provided by Beccles WI.  We got to have our picture taken with Youth Champions Counsellor Kenward and Counsellor Brambley-Crawshaw and with the Sergeant at Mace John Rogers – who let us wear his hat and carry the Town Maces!
Mr Stevens was very impressed with our polite manners and fun attitude towards meeting the Mayor and his team of Counsellors. He also liked how welcoming the ceremony was, how involved Beccles Free School were and the 3 pieces of cakes that he ate.
Nathan liked how amazing the bagpipes sounded and singing the national anthem.
Scott liked the bagpipes and the model of the town in the museum.
Please enjoy our photos 🙂
Happy Birthday Ma’am!
Scott, Nathan and Mr Stevens

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