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On Friday 18th 2016, Beccles Primary Academy hosted various different activities and events to raise money for Sport Relief and we were very successful doing so.

Children came into school in their favourite sporty outfits, ready to participate in a sponsored mile run around our school field (8 laps in total!). We started off the day with Reception taking part in a sponsored half mile which they all completed in a very good time. The rest of the school then participated in a mile run for the rest of the morning.

Nursery also contributed to raising money by paying £1 to come into school in their favourite sporty clothes.

In PE with the Year 6’s we had been participating in a Creative Learning Unit, where children worked in small groups, planning, creating and producing a game that they had created. We then used our created games in the afternoon of Sport Relief for the whole school to try out. Year 6 were amazing leaders during this task and were able to explain and teach all children their own games.

At 2:30pm our parents were invited to come and participate in a Mile Run around the school field for a contribution of £2. This was very popular and we had lots of parents turn up on the day to complete their mile with their children.

Once the parents had completed their mile they were able to watch our superstar children performing the official Sport Relief song and dance that they had been learning during the week with Mrs Ruddock and Mrs Wooltorton. A very good performance I must say.

Overall as a school we raised an astonishing £1,327.53!

Thank you to our four Beccles Free School Students who helped out on the day.

An extra big thank you to all of our staff, children and families who helped to create such an amazing day and raise a lot of money for Sport Relief!

Mr Garrood

PS – Did you see us in the paper?!

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