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On Tuesday 8th March 2016, a  group of gifted and talented children were chosen to participate in a Maths and PE Challenge at Beccles Free School.

For the challenges we were to complete a Maths lesson based on algebra and a PE lesson based on team building and problem solving.

On arrival we were met by some students from the Free School, who took us up stairs and into the classroom where we would be completing our Maths lesson. Once in the classroom we met Mrs Power, who was the lead for our gifted and talented trip.

Our Maths lesson was based around algebra, such as terms, substitution and equations. All children were given a sticker with an algebra equation on it; their job was to find out what they were worth. When working with the Free School students, our children were then able to work out what their whole group were worth combined! During the lesson children participated in various group activities, improving their Maths and cooperation. To finish off the lesson, children were given three options of work to choose from, allowing them to test their algebra abilities, which Miss Parker was rather impressed with!

After Maths we were taken to the canteen for break, where we were offered toast and juice. The only problem was, somebody got a lot of jam on their chair, which then managed to make its way onto Miss Parker’s coat! The culprit is still in hiding!!

For the PE lesson there were various problem solving activities for the children to participate in, which were designed and lead by the Free School students. Our children had to work together to complete activities such as Minefield, Tennis Ball Retrieve and how many skips could the group complete together. These activities were enjoyable and allowed our children to help improve their leadership and cooperation skills. To finish the session the Free School children set up a game of Capture The Flag which our children thought was fantastic!

To finish off the visit we then had lunch in the canteen, which was a choice of a help yourself salad bar or chicken fajitas. Very nice!

A big thank you to Mrs Power, the students who helped and Beccles Free School for allowing us the opportunity to participate in such a fun event.



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