Year 5 & 6 Drama and Choir Clubs #opportunity #PerformingArts

Exciting news for UKS2 as two clubs will be on offer to them, starting with Yr 5 & 6 after school choir on Friday 5th February. Miss Moore, one of our TAs, will be leading the sessions, sharing her Musical Theatre Performance Arts experience. If you are interested in starting choir then please return the slip from the letters distributed on Monday.

UKS2 are also being offered Drama Club, starting next Thursday after school. This will be led by another TA, Miss Crawford, who will utilise her Theatre Performance Arts experience in creating energetic, physical sessions.  Letters will be distributed today.

We ask that £ 1 per child per session is paid towards the running of these sessions.

How very exciting for our children, having opportunities that will enhance their current creative arts education and prepare them for the next stage of their education!

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