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On Tuesday 2nd February 2016, our Year 6 Basketball team made their way with Mr Garrood and Mr Stevens to Worlingham Primary School to participate in this year’s Beccles Schools Sports Partnership Basketball tournament.

Six schools participated in the event: Carlton Colville, Worlingham, Albert Pye, Kessingland, Reydon and ourselves. The event was split into 2 leagues with the winning team of their league playing the other league winners in the event final.
In our league we were up against Worlingham and Carlton Colville. For the games it was split into genders, boys playing the first half of the game and girls coming on at half time to play the second.

For our first game we were up against a strong Worlingham side. With the boys starting the game they manage to score 2 baskets and concede 1, meaning the girls came into the game at half time with a score of 4-2 to Beccles.
The girls were fantastic and managed to score another 3 baskets, with the game ending with a Beccles win!
Beccles Primary Academy 10 – 2 Worlingham

Our second game was against Carlton Colville; what a thriller this game was! With the boys starting the game strong, we couldn’t quite keep that level up, going in at half time 6 points down (Beccles 0-6 Carlton Coville). With the girls coming on at half time, we needed a win to guarantee a final spot or a draw to have a chance.  There was a lot of pressure on the girls for this. However, in the last 2 minutes of the game our girls side managed to score 3 baskets, equaling 6 points, managing to scrape a draw!
Beccles Primary Academy 6 – 6 Carlton Colville 

Beccles Primary Academy are in the final!!!!

The Final
In the final we were up against a very strong Albert Pye side, who breezed through the league in top spot. Before the game our boys wished Albert Pye luck and hoped for a good final game, fantastic sportsmanship!

With the tip of starting the game, it was Harvey who tipped the ball back towards Brady, winning possession for Beccles. We then provided some fabulous passing between JJ and Kian. With Albert Pye taking possession they were on the break, Max made some awesome tracking back and managed to steal the ball from the attacking player.  With Max in possession he then fed Brady through with a chance to take the lead.  Brady turned the defender and of the fade away scored a flawless basket, taking a 2-0 lead! Straight off the back of the first 2 points of the game, Kian managed to score another, finishing it off with a swish.  Albert Pye were able to get 2 points back and win an extra point for a shooting foul.  But then it was Beccles who then received a point for a shooting foul, taking the lead 5-3. Albert Pye were showing great dribbling skills and managed to get a quick shot away, rattling off the hoop.  Harvey came into play with an explosive jump, gaining the rebound and quickly releasing the ball to Max who was able to score another bucket for the reds. Just before the half time whistle went Albert Pye pulled one back. Beccles headed in at half time with a 7-5 lead.

Up next were the girls, who were our league’s leading scorers, up against a VERY strong Albert Pye girls side who scored 32 points in 5 minutes in their previous league game. Fortunately for us this did not effect our team’s spirit! With Fran being our captain, she was providing lots of vocal encouragement and instructions to our team which proved to be helpful. Elley was able to produce a shot which bounced back off the backboard.  Albert Pye gained the rebound and broke away, managing to score a quick basket. Emilijia and Anzelika were dominant at the top of the court, providing a great attacking play partnership with Elley. Albert Pye then managed to score a stunning 2 point play, taking the lead for the first time in the game. With Albert Pye continously pulling out shots, we were under a lot of pressure, but this did not effect Tamzin, she was winning rebounds for fun! Elley, Emilijia and Fran were all able to pull off shots, but couldn’t quite manage to get it into the basket.  Off the break, Albert Pye were able to score a lucky basketball that rattled around the hoop a couple of times.  At full time Albert Pye came out on top, winning the game 11-7.
Albert Pye 11 – 7 Beccles Primary Academy 

In an intense final, watched by all competing schools, staff and parents, we put on an excellent show. Our team were straight over to congratulate the winning school, shaking hands and providing good sportsmanship comments. After this we all rounded up with Mr Garrood and Mr Stevens telling the children how proud we were off them, not only for getting to the final but for their excellent behaviour and sportsmanship. To finish off the tournament, we all put are hands in the middle and on 1, 2, 3 we shouted ‘BECCLES!’   A very proud moment for our school’s sporting achievements.

Overall it was a great afternoon, enjoyed by all!

Mr Garrood

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