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2016 at Beccles Primary Academy has seen the start of two new Music Instrument teachers. We are very excited at the prospect of hearing our students playing clarinets, saxophones, flutes, violins and the piano most days along KS1 corridor, in the music room.

Victoria Arnull offers clarinet, saxophone, flute and piano in the afternoons for £8 for a 20 minute lesson, with Monday and Friday nearly fully booked.  Victoria has an agreement with a music shop and the instruments can be hired on your behalf each term for£25.   If you are interested in learning any of these instruments, please see Mrs Ruddock.

We also are lucky to have Lisa Bullen, a violin teacher, who comes in on a Wednesday  There are spaces still available! Lisa charges £7.50 for a 15 minute lesson. The school have a number of violins that we are happy to lend to the students for their use.

It is important to note that all extra music lessons will be timetabled in the afternoon to limit the impact on morning learning.

An exciting opportunity for every child in the school to experience an extra music lesson and further develop their love of music!


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