UKS2 Indoor Athletics Tournament

On Wednesday 20th January 2016, Our Year 5 and 6 Athletics team travelled to Waterlane Leisure Centre to participate in the biggest partnership tournament in history!

Our team went to the event with little training, however managed to finish in a reasonable 16th place!

Mr Stevens describe our teams attitude and behaviour as impeccable and felt we were the best behaved school at the event, which we are very impressed with!

Congratulations to Harvey, JJ, Louis, Brady, Kieran, Grady, Archie, Nathan, Isobel, Anzelika, Rebecca, Fran, Brooke, Emilijia, Jennifer and Esme for their efforts in this event.

As a school we are very proud of our children for representing us and continuing to show the effort and sportsmanship at all the events we participate in. Keep it up!

Thanks to Mr Stevens and Mrs Watson for taking the team to this event.

Mr Garrood


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