Blue Army

What a fabulous evening we had at Portman Road on Friday. Unfortunately Ipswich lost against Middlesborough, although Lauren was secretly pleased, but that did not dampen our spirits as we were still entertained with a great game of football. Sophie even thought that one of the players looked like Mr G! We got involved with the cheering, clapping and singing and the behaviour from all the children was impeccable. Miss Clarke was a very proud teacher because all of the children were great ambassadors for Beccles Primary Academy. Miss Clarke was kept happy by the amount of sweets and chocolate that were kindly shared with her even if some prompting was needed. Although Jayme didn’t find the seats very comfortable and thought having sofas to sit on would be much more pleasant. It was quite a late night and it was the girls that fell asleep on the way home with the boys chatting all the way back to school. Looking forward to the next match on Saturday 19th December.


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