Year 6 invite their parents to join their writing lesson!

Our English Lesson this morning was a bit different from normal; some of our parents came in to help us with our writing.  We were writing an extract of a particular event from our own autobiographies. Parents supported us: with our vocabulary choices, by showing us photographs to remind us, by giving us extra information which we had forgotten, by helping us to structure our writing and by helping us with difficult spellings.

“I enjoyed the extra help my mum gave me with my writing,” said Luke.

“I got extra advice from my dad, which helped me a lot,” commented Nat.

“With my mum giving me tips from the past, I managed to write something which I was proud of,” remarked Franki.

“My writing improved because my mum helped me with good word choices,” quoted Brady.

“In terms of the whole class, we feel that all the pupils produced an excellent piece of writing this morning,” stated Miss Parker and Mrs Wood.

We hope our parents enjoyed the session because we definitely did, in fact we think we should invite our parents in to work with us again!

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