Celebrity status for our choir!

2822.pudseyThe Beccles Primary Academy Choir have been busily preparing a specific song for a special singing date on the 13th November.  The BBC have requested their voices to be part of the Children in Need live choir event, to be held at the Hippodrome, Great Yarmouth next month. The choir have met every lunchtime to learn the difficult melody and harmonies,  ensuring that they are ready for the big day.  BBC Radio Suffolk dropped in on today’s lunchtime rehearsal to record the song and take pictures of the children for the Radio Suffolk website.  The choir delivered a near perfect rendition of ‘The Climb’ and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  To say they were nervous was an understatement but it was great practice for their future television experience.  Mrs Ruddock was very proud of their achievements and pleased all their hard work is paying dividends.


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