Roll up! The circus is in town! – A report by our Year 6 students

Pupils at Beccles Primary Academy arrived at school on Monday 5th October to find a Big Top being set up on their school field.


While the weather was damp and cool on Monday, the pupils of Beccles Primary Academy were hurrying onto the playground to find a better view of the Big Top. The children were curious to find out why a Big Top was standing on their school field.

On Tuesday 6th October, a special assembly was held in the Big Top, led by the circus’ Ringmaster. During the assembly, pupils were given a sneak peek of Circus Ferrel. Over the next two days, workshops were held for all the classes, where they experienced and tried out the exciting skills on offer.

One of the activities was plate spinning: plastic plates balanced on pointed sticks. Once the children had mastered the basics, they moved onto more advanced tricks. Olivia (aged 5) in Chrysocolla class commented, “I like doing plate spinning the best because I’m fantastic at it!”

Another activity was juggling using scarves. Pupils were being ambitious, trying hard to impress their teachers by doing unusual tricks. Children practised walking along the tightrope, their faces were full of concentration as they balanced carefully, holding onto adults’ arms for support.

So far, it has been an exhilarating week for the whole school, including the parents. The Big Top will be staying on site until the end of the week so that parents and children can watch the  talented performers in action.

Miss Clark, Year 2 teacher and organiser of the event, has been delighted with the reaction to Circus Week. “This is the first time Circus Ferrel  has been to Beccles, “ she said. “I have seen very smiley faces from the children and they have learned many new skills including learning how to work together, improving their spatial awareness and their co-ordination”

Judging by all the positive comments heard around the school this week, the circus has been a brilliant experience for the school and the local residents.

by Year 6 reporters: Kieran, Brady, Elley and Rebecca


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