Music at Crowfoot

The Spring term has been a very industrious and creative time in the Music lessons across the school. Year 1 have been singing, learning new songs and polishing their favourites. They have been learning to play from ear, the first seven notes of Mary Had A Little Lamb on the glockenspiels. They have been exploring the musical elements of dynamics, pitch and duration. Year 2 have been singing and thoroughly enjoying the ‘Funny Face’ song. They also have a listening task, identifying instruments that they recognise. They all have had recorder lessons and they are confident producing quality tones. The next step will be playing a well known nursery rhyme.That will be great fun.

Year 3 and 4 have been enjoying their singing, especially learning songs from Jamaica, including Ol Mas Charlie and Hill Un Gully Rida. One exercise had them finding missing notes from these songs, using newly acquired aural skills. Their final task was to improvise a structured piece of music, using the C Pentatonic scale. The final pieces were really creative. Well done.
Year 5 and 6 have been identifying genres from their listening tasks, conducting three and four beats in the bar and naming musical family groups by specific instruments heard. They have been improvising on the keyboard, recorders, guitars, glockenspiels and xylophones. They have learnt how to use the note wheel to create chords and they have notated using the treble clef pitched notes.
They are confident music makers and they are beginning to use the music vocabulary in our discussions.The progress they have all made is fabulous.
I look forward to what you all create in the Summer Term.
Mrs Ruddock

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