Key Stage 1 Pirates

KS1 have been thinking about pirates this half term. We have learnt who pirates were, what their lives were like on board ships and about some famous pirates.

We went on a very exciting trip to the Time and Tide museum in Great Yarmouth, where we got to meet a pirate and a naval officer (who were pirate’s greatest enemies!) and take part in a treasure hunt.

In English we have read some pirate poems and had a go at writing some of our own. We also created our own pirate characters through illustration and description. We have created pirate flags and treasure maps. Singing pirate songs has been lots of fun in the afternoons as well!

Share afternoon was a wonderful event. There was so much going on in classrooms. We had the opportunity to make pirate hats, treasure boxes and desert islands. We had a go at using musical instruments to play pirate tunes and made a huge pirate ship out of junk. A trust game was set up in the hall in which you had to go round an activity course wearing a blindfold with a friend to guide you! It was a bit scary at first but plenty of fun! We also went on another treasure hunt around the school and won a prize if we got to the end!

It has been an exciting and busy half term!

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